03 May 2012

The Joys of Clear Pee

A lot of you clicked on this post because the title has the word "pee" in it, which is funny. Some of you may have been intrigued enough to click but a little anxious and a little disgusted. Good for you. Others have some weird obsession with pee. You're sick, and you need psychiatric help. I heard there's a Urine Anonymous group in Goose Creek. You should check it out.
Now that's some high-quality H2O!

The real reason for this post is to talk about water. You know, that clear stuff that about 90% of Americans forget about because Coke runs through their blood stream? Or sweet tea? Or for some of you really daring healthy hippies that are "watching calories", Diet Coke or Coke Zero?

For the past two and a half weeks I have cut out all drinks except for water. Now, that may not be a big deal to you, but I am telling you that this is a major feat for me. Before my cold-turkey approach (could someone please explain to me what cold poultry has to do with quitting anything?), I basically had at least one Coke a day. You heard me right. I'm talking at least 365 Coke's in a year. And yes, they were yummy. And yes, just talking about them right now makes me want to go see my Coke dealer...wait, wrong guy. Never mind. The point is, my body hated me for it. I am sure of it.

Lucky for me, I have learned to rethink the word "refreshment." Because the truth is this: there is NOTHING on this planet that is more refreshing and better for you to drink than H2O. And I don't mean water with flavor packets or plant leaves in it. I mean clear water. Regular water. The kind that makes your pee clear. Anything less, you are, simply put, cheating yourself.

One of the first things my trainer, Thomas (post about him coming soon, stay tuned), told me when I first started working out was to drink half of my body weight in oz. of water. In other words, if you weigh 200 lbs., drink 100 oz. of water a day. That is a crazy amount of water. I have gulped down my fair share of Nalgene bottles lately. I am even moving my cubicle for work into the bathroom. You know, for maximum efficiency when I need to go potty (I have kids, I say potty, get over it).

Water is changing my life. It is helping me lose weight. All the crap I used to drink is being replaced by agua. And I am sweating out pounds. And you can too. Give Coke and other drinks the middle finger and drink some H2O people.

So here's my charge and challenge for you:

The Charge: 
  1. Drink water and plenty of it. 
The Challenge: 
  1. Drink water and plenty of it. 
  2. Throw out all the sodas in your house (I heard shooting them with a gun is fun. But please only do this if you have a permit for said gun and no people are around. Unless you are a gangsta like me. Then you can do whatever you want.).
  3. Send me pictures (post them, email them, etc.) I am calling for pictures of your soda in the trash. My goal is to make a collage of all the photos and post it on The Fatty Fighter in a later post. 
I promise you, you'll learn to love clear pee.


  1. I like to have contests with myself to see if, after peeing, I can leave to bowl looking like it did before I commenced. Such fun.

    1. Ah...a childhood past time. Except I used to see if my sister was thirsty...shh...she still doesn't know.